8ft Module Standard Height

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8ft Module Standard Height for Outdoor Kitchens

Standard Height 35"

This is an appliance module. It does not include the 4 vertical tubes on the front and the one on each end.  You can add these for 50% off if you need them.

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The Fastest, Easiest way on Earth to Build a BBQ Island Frame. All Weather Approved!

This frame is super strong! 10 Times Stronger than frames built with cheap steel studs or aluminum!

If you want something professional that will really last this is your best choice!


Measures: 8ft long x 32" depth x 35" high

This kit includes:

8 each 3 way corner couplers  

8 each 1 way couplers      

4 each union coupler

8 each length wall steel tubes 46.5"

4 each end frame steel tubes for 32" depth module

8 each vertical tubes


screws, air vents, cement board, actual appliances, etc...